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We married a year ago. We still do not know when are we going to have children but we already made a will just in case any of us die the other will inherit whatever properties we have and have the usage of them.

Brenda W.


The very first thing we made after having our daughter was make a will. Her dad is a comercial pilot and I am flight attendat. We have made it thinking in her welfare and to ensure some peace of mind for whatever might happen from now on. We know our jobs are riskier and although sometimes we avoid thinking of that we need to be aware.

Cristina M.


I never got married and have no children. My partner and I never thought of marriage. We are old now and have everything we wanted to. A month ago my brother passed away so I had the chance to face death and understood the importance of having a will. I made it so when the momento arrives my thing go to the people I decided not just "legal" heirs.

Yolanda R.


We have 12 grandchildren,we are such a granpas!!. We made our first will long time ago when our first child was born. Since several months ago we started using MyPatrimony's tool to register our assets. We have cummulated lot of things with a great sentimental value for us and we believe for our children tooand we want them where we have them so when we live this life they knew where to look up.

Martín N.